Retirement Age Planner

An iPad and iPhone App that tells you when you can retire!! Freedom 55? Maybe!

The Barber & Haime Retirement Age Planner is a wonderfully helpful tool to help you begin saving and setting aside for your future. Whether you are already saving, or are just looking to start, this is the app for you! Enter in some key information, and within just a few steps, you’ll have the total amount that you’ll need to start saving every month in order to reach your retirement goals. It’s that simple!


  • Want to quit your job and retire? It takes only minutes to find out when you can!
  • Free, quick and easy to use
  • Done in as little as 5 steps!
  • Input your name and easy figures
  • Gives you your retiring date, age and countdown!

What are you waiting for? This FREE and secure app works for both iPad and iPhone, and is a risk-free way to start saving for your retirement pleasure, today!

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