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Written By on April 24, 2013

The business coaches and self help gurus say that in order to be motivated to work towards a goal it has to be defined and measurable.
One of our goals at Barber & Haime, Chartered Accountants is to develop programs or apps to help you measure your financial or business goals.

When will you be able to retire? Freedom 55? 60? 50? Never?

For many people retirement is a vague goal that has no defined date. Most people just say “when I have enough money”. Hard to get excited about something so lacking in clarity isn’t it?

One of the first concepts is your “Retirement Reality Check!!”.

This app will help predict the date when you may be able to financially retire!! Freedom here we come!

We need your help to make the Retirement Reality Check … a Reality.

Please comment on this post with the following information:

1) Would you try out the “Retirement Reality Check” app when it becomes available? Yes or no?

2) What platform works best for you? a)PC/Mac b)iPhone c)iPad d) Android e)Blackberry
(list all that apply)

Free from Barber & Haime to you!!

Anyone who has “liked” Barber & Haime on Facebook at or is registered for our newsletter on our webpage at by the release date of the
app will get the initial version of the “Retirement Reality Check” to download free. It is expected to be released over the summer.

Like this post so that all your friends can participate as well. The more input the better.

Thanks for the help!!

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